October 11, 2019

Congratulations to Ethiopia Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed for being named winner of the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize.

“I have said often that winds of hope are blowing ever stronger across Africa. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is one of the main reasons why. His vision helped Ethiopia and Eritrea achieve a historic rapprochement, and I was honored to witness the signing of the peace agreement last year.” said Secretary-General […]
May 28, 2019

Anti-vaccination movement show the damage conspiracy theories can do

Conspiracy theories – real and imagined – exert a virtually unparalleled grip on the public imagination. Many simply sell improbable books or over-hyped Netflix series. Anti-vaccination conspiracy theories, however, pose a threat to children and vulnerable adults around the world.Speculation about nefarious plots veer from the plausible to the ridiculous, […]