How We Do It

The CFSC Consortium offers expertise and leadership in the following 3 fundamentals areas:


Social and Environmental Justice.

Fair treatment for all continued to be in an uphill battle.  We believe that implementing communication strategies for behavioral and social changes is the most effective way to breaking barriers for social mobility, gender equity, women and children’s rights, to cite a few.


Social and Environmental development

We believe that development processes need to benefit the people while recognizing that the way people act in group and in their society can shape development process. Facilitating the implementation for sustainable approach to clean water, sanitation, and other environmental issues, by keeping people in the center of the development process.

Evidence based Research and CFSC Training

Currently research is not shared with the people who need it to take decisions  affecting their lives. We believe research needs to be readily available to all and at all levels.  Our research– which includes qualitative research, storytelling and data collections– will be published at different levels, from in depth evaluations addressing the needs of stakeholders and policy makers to popularized options (comic book, pamphlets, videos)  addressing the needs of a less educated population. We want to provide traditionally marginalized populations and communities with knowledge allowing them to become actors of change and participate in the societal dialogue.