We have included on the site many of the Communication for Social Change Consortium (CFSC) publications, speeches and meeting proceedings generated during the past few years. We want all our visitors to take advantage of the Communication for Social Change Consortium (CFSC) resources included here, so most documents are also available in downloadable format.

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Voices from the Magdalena: Communication for Peace

“Voices from the Magdalena. Communication for Peace” is a 35-minute video documentary on the community radio network in the Magdalena Media region of Colombia. The region is known because it is at the centre of confrontation between guerrilla and paramilitary forces. Decades of conflict have caused enormous economic, political and social damage to the people living in the region. Read More

However, people have organised to elevate their voices through community radio stations that promote peace and regional development through the strengthening of communication and cultural identity. A team of university scholars and communication activists from the network of stations (AREDMAG) recently conducted a research project that revealed how the stations contribute to peace and development and began evaluating participatory community media processes.

Directed by Alfonso Gumucio-Dagron and produced by Amparo Cadavid Bringe, this documentary describes the context in the region, the participatory processes promoted by community radio stations and the role of evaluation.

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Ondes de Choc – histoires sur la communication participative pour le changement social

À travers les cinquante expériences décrites ici, « Ondes de Choc » examine des projets innovateurs de communication pour le changement social en Afrique, Asie et Amérique latine. Ce livre offre une analyse des médias et des méthodes utilisés, ainsi que les obstacles qui vont a l’encontre de l’usage efficace de la communication pour le changement sociale. Certaines ont été directement observées, l’information sur les autres ayant été obtenue par courrier électronique, fax, téléphone et Internet. Read More

L’Amérique latine est en tête par la quantité et la qualité des expériences de communication participative, et la radio a été parmi tous les médias, le plus important pour le développement et les changements sociaux. Les critères de sélection ont été conçus pour identifier les expériences ayant une forte composante d’« appropriation » par la communauté. Certaines expériences avaient pour objectif final l’« appropriation » communautaire, mais elles n’avaient pas encore atteint ce niveau de développement au moment de la recherche.

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Making Waves

Through 50 case studies, the report catalogs some of the most innovative experiments in participatory communication in more than 20 developing countries. Written by Alfonso Gumucio Dagron, a development communication specialist with extensive experience in the field, Making Waves provides useful information on the background and context of the issues addressed as well as analyses of various aspects of social change.

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Women of Pastapur

In the villages around Zaheerabad, an impoverished area in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India, a handful of Dalit women, illiterate, mostly dedicated to farming, are using communications tools such as video and radio as part of their struggle to achieve autonomy and self-reliance for their communities.
They suffer from triple discrimination because they are women, they are poor and they come from the lower caste. In spite of it, by using video and radio, these women have gained respect in their communities and have contributed to development and their community’s cultural identity.

This story is captured in part in Women of Pastapur, a DVD case story produced by the Communication for Social Change Consortium in India in late 2007. It is the second DVD case story in a series produced and distributed by the Consortium.

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Communication For Social Change Anthology: Historical and Contemporary Readings

This first-ever major reader and reference in communication for social change is suitable for university level study in communication, sociology, anthropology, international affairs, and development studies. It is also a ready reference and scholarly resource for communication practitioners and managers.

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Antología de comunicación para el cambio social: lecturas históricas y contemporáneas

Esta es la primera y única compilación de textos sobre comunicación para el desarrollo y el cambio social, un libro de referencia esencial en las universidades y centros de enseñanza especializados en el tema, así como para estudios de antropología, sociología o relaciones internacionales. El libro, de 1500 páginas, contiene 200 textos de 150 autores de todas las regiones del mundo; una referencia esencial tanto para los estudiosos como para los que trabajan en programas de desarrollo. Oprima aquí para comprar esta publicación.

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Making Waves (English, Spanish, Arabic & French)

Future Connect: A Review of Social Networking Today, Tomorrow and Beyond, and Challenges for AIDS Communicators (English)

Bibliography of Who Measures Change (English)

Future Connect: A Review of Social Networking Today, Tomorrow and Beyond, and Challenges for AIDS Communicators (English)

Communication for Social Change Consortium (CFSC) Consortium Brochure (English, Spanish & French)

Communication and Social Change: A Position Paper and Conference Report (English)

Communication for Empowerment: A Practical Guidance Note  (English)

Communication for Social Change Working Paper Series: A case study in communication for social change (English)

Communication for Social Change: An Integrated Model for Measuring the Process and Its Outcomes (English)

Communication for Social Change: The New Communicator (English)

Communication for the Abandonment Of Female Genital Cutting (English)

Communities Measure Change (English)

Comunicación para el Cambio Social: Clave del Desarrollo Participativo (Spanish)

Family Tree of Theories, Methodologies & Strategies in Development Communication: Convergences & Differences (English)

Fighting Poverty: Utilizing Community Media in a Digital Age (English)

How to Do Community Radio (English)

La Radio Pública Local (Spanish)

Measuring Change (English)

Media, freedom and poverty: A Latin American perspective (English)

What can ICTs do for the rural poor? (English)

Who Measures Change (English)

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